Why I Choose To Be A Barber - Purpose Osinachi

Why I Choose To Be A Barber – Purpose Osinachi

I am Purpose Osinachi Ekwueme, a barber from Ebonyi State South East Nigeria. I love art and barbing is an art and my passion for it is what makes the difference.

I choose barbing which is a masculine profession to prove that what a man can do a woman can do better. I am a firm believer of equality of men and women. No one sex is more important than the other.
I am the fourth child of 5 children. We are four girls and a boy and all my siblings are in support of what i do.

Its not been easy operating in a man’s world as the challenges have been enormous. Most of the males would come and prefer they get attended to by a male barber because they feel a woman cannot barb until they see you barb someone else and even at that some won’t still accept.

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Despite the prejudice i have been inspiring other girls who come to me and say they would like to become barbers but so far they lack the courage to start.

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