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Top 8 Survival Skills For post Covid-19 Era

Survival skills is a common word in the world of man or animals. Every living being seek to survive hence the nature of man to be busy doing one thing or the other. both the well to do and not well to do hustle to do one thing to the other to stay alive and healthy.

The basic need of man has always been food, clothing and shelter. Some have enough to live and a few have in excess while a majority don’t even have to survive for a day. Their survival and ability to wake up and move on a daily basis is considered a miracle.

In my parent blog, i published a post on ’25 ways to Survive in Nigeria as an Unemployed graduate’. The post had an impact on the lives on many readers and i was inspired to publish the book version/ It is in the process of being published on Amazon and other book apps as ’50 Watys.

In a world tat is already bleak and difficult came an attack on the existence of humanity. The entire world is hit by coronavirus with over 10 million citizens of the world infected. However half the number has been discharged but almost a million vulnerable citizens dead.

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The coronavirus effect around the globe has been devastating on people. Apart from the health impact, people lost their freedom and livelihood. Humans are locked down at home without a means to survive and yet the governments would say only the living seek food. The economic effect is so serious that most people are more scared than ever before.

most economies are beginning to open up as citizens threaten revolt, some for political reasons. As a few people are let out, they discover live is even worst outside compared to when they left it. It is becoming clearer than most jobs might never be gotten back or might never resume too soon.

How would man have to survive to the new normal? In this article, i would x-ray 10 survival skills that any one any where in the world can engage in. It does not matter how old you are or your gender. Your status in the society prior to Covid-19 must be put aside as you embark on this journey of survival.

The list is not in order of importance/

Food Vendor

The greatest need of man is food. food business is the fastest and most profitable business a person can get into. Start a food court in your locality if you make tasty meals or if you are an average good cook. people need food for energy and man works hard to provide food first for himself and his dependants.

A lot of people do not know how t cook or do not have the time or interest to. However they are willing to pay for the services. You can take up a contract to supply food to people especially bachelors or students.

You can make soup and other variety that can last them for days or even weeks for those who store food.

Food Ingredients/Snacks processing and packaging

In Nigeria we have food ingredient like egusi (melon), ogbono, crayfish, pepper and others. You have yours in your own part of the world. It van be a profitable business to grind them to powdered form/ It makes it easy for people wo are busy or do not have a grinder at home.

Someone got innovative in my area and packages them in a set. There is a set of ogbono-crayfish-pepper and egusi-crayfish-pepper. It makes it easy for me and it is even affordable. The supplier is even finding it out to meet up with the demand. You can do better with what is in demand in your locality.

many young university students i know now engage in making homemade peanut, pounded yam and beans flour. Demand is also high and supply is inadequate.

Digital marketing

Internet marketing is becoming a boom as virtually all business are shifting online. This is as a result of the affordability of smartphones ande its use especially by young persons.

most people spend more time on social network sites today than they do on television and radio. You can do more than going to the net to chat with friends and comment on celebrity or influencers handles.

See how you can take advantage of the marketing opportunity by taking up digital marketing skills. You can find a free on on Google Digital marketing training platforms. find people and convince them on the need to promote their businesses online.

Content Creator

Content is the soul of the digital world. earn money by being a content creator. You could go into blogging, making YouTube videos on your passion or writing creative posts for website owners.

As a creator, you could apply for google Adsense or any other advertising companies. Go through their policies and strive to meet the requirements to get approval. However, bear in mind that it could be frustrating earning something reasonable with a low traffic compared to big blogs and sites like CNN. yet you could strive for yours is not mine.

Be different from others around you. When you are on the net, ask yourself how much could you make from it. most young people waste their time on frivolities and vain thing online but you could be earning an income from same destinations.

there are many individuals and company with the resources to open an online business but they lack the ability for content. They are wlling to pay content creators.


the world has advanced beyond the era where authors depend solely on publishing firms to take their books to the readers. Online publishing firms have emerged stronger and most reaching and rewarding to authors.

After writing and done with editing, you can self-publish on Amazon Kindle and other online publishers like OkadaBooks. They have tools for you to design your book cover for free or you could upload an offline designed one. The prices are set by you and you are paid a royalty.

Amazon has a limited number of country they have their offices making it more expensive to export outside those region and their royalty can sometimes be very low. Okada Books is a Nigerian based and easy for Nigerians to purchase. I publish on both platforms and seeking more if i find.

Read my books ‘Deepest Wound‘ and “A Handbook on Ibibio/Annang Language Study‘ on Amazon. On Okada Books Read ‘Deepest Wound‘ and ‘A Handbook on Ibibio/Annang Language Study

you can use the ISBN number given to print hard copies yourself and market to friends and others. Do not contract anyone for it. Go to printers in your locality and they will tell you what to do.

Website Designer

The internet is the live blood of the social world. What you visit to read a news or get any information is a website. Any body who wants to set up a business orr information page on the internet does that on a website.

Since everything is/has shifting to the internet it means that line of business is profitable. You can venture into setting up and designing websites and blogs for people and companies.

Website designing skills are easy to assimilate and does not requie a profession in computer science or engineering. Any body irrespective of his discipline can acquire website design skills .

App Developer

Mobile app development has grown rapidly with the proliferation of mobile phones making it easier for mobile users to access and navigate websites.

majority of internet users access the net via their smartphones and app developers have taken advantage to provide apps such as gaming apps, news apps, educational apps and much more.

A few young persons have tapped into the skill of developing apps and are making lots of money from their apps listed on Play Store or Apple Store.

just like website design, no special discipline is required. Any one can do it even if you are not a university graduate.

A young undergraduate developed Atom Code Editor for mobile devices. You too can do yours.

Massage Specialist

Take your massage skill to a new level of earning money. people are in so much pain and you can heal them with massage. Do you know that a sick person having fever and malaria can heal faster after a massage along with their drugs?

people need a massage after a long journey or a stressful day. depressed people need a massage to calm down their nerves.

There are more to this. Be innovative and look at the need in your locality. Develop your survival skill and survive indeed you will with god’s grace.

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