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The Government Now Take Vet Medicine Serious – Joy Osariemen

I am @joyosariemen and a Vet doctor working in Benin City. I graduated from The University of Nigeria Nsukka.

My dream was to study Medicine and Surgery but i was offered admission for Veterinary medicine.I wasn’t disappointed since i was still within Biology and Medicine even if it was for animals.

Just like it is with humans so it is when an animal you are treating takes long to recover and when you lose it, it is usually an emotional moment. So many thoughts come and you feel you could have done better.

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Majority’s of Nigerians don’t like companion animals like dogs. And even if they have one, it is mainly for security reasons. However, a few could end up bonding with the dog.

The government now takes Veterinary medicine serious. This is as a result of the discovery that some diseases like Lassa fever are being spread by animals. they now engage professional Vets to attend to the health of animals.

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