Read AY’s Response To Twitter User Who Insulted Him Over Kiddwaya

A Twitter user took on Nigerian ace comedian AY over his praise for #BBNaija2020 contestant, Kiddwaya. Kiddwaya is the son of Benue state born billionaire, Terry Wayas.

AY had tweeted:”I have met a lot of rich kids in Nigeria. Many of them are completely nothing to write home about. Above everything else in line with whoever you choose to support in BBN, this Kidwaya boy is looking like a gentleman with some quality leadership potentials #BBNaija”

In response to his tweet, a user, Victor Chijioke @VictorC31783391 blasted AY rudely saying he was only doing it for a selfish reason.

“Abeg make I hear word.. I see you are trying to connect your self to WAYA family. We all know all this style. No be only gentle man..”

AY responded in a manner that surprised many. He said:”No worry yourself. God don WIRE some of us directly without the WAYAS.Yet we are still counting by His special grace. If i wait for Terry Waya I for don back to Warri. Believe in yourself bro and double your hustle. Even Terry Waya pikin dey hustle for BBN. God no go shame us.”

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in response to AY’s reply a fan while saying truth is bitter commeebded AY for his reply.

Others responded for and against his comment on Kiddwaya.

A look through Chijioke Victor showed he is just an attention seeker and he surely is getting it and attracting savages like him. Nigerian Twitter is filled with savages who see no good in whatever anyone they consider successful.

The rate of poverty in the country and the pains that comes with it is reflected on users of the social micro-blog platform. Frustrated Nigerian youth vent their feelings rightly or wrongly on anyone who tries to make a positive comment on anyone rich.

The rich are seen and addressed with same lens as corrupt politicians and government officials. Many poot Nigerians believe it is an obligation of any rich person to do give always online.

Celebrities rarely trend online as give always have gone into extinction as they are as well facing the bite of the harsh economy of the Nigerian state.

Many persons have taken it upon themselves to spread hate against the person of Kiddwaya. They feel he is rich and doesn’t need the cash. Firstly, Big Brother Naija is not a poverty alleviation programme. It is an entertainment 24/7 reality show which brings together persons of diverse socioeconomic background. I would be expanding on this on a future post probably over the weekend on

Secondly, people come to the show not just to win but to showcase their person and brand. They hope to utilise the fame that comes with simply appearing on the show to boost whatever they want to take on as a career. Many has gone out to get movie roles as did Busola, Diane, talk show host like Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Uti Nwachukwu.

Kiddwaya did mention he came in through a connect but that is not a surprise to many of us. We have always suspected that many of the housemates did through connections since the days of Big Brother Africa. We also know many came in via merit and Omashola and Cindy are proof and so is probably Laycon.

Laycon isn’t popularly because of his content but basically out of sympathy due to Hus I’ll treatment by the other housemates who felt they were better privileged than him. He however proved them wrong. A few days ago Praise said of what he has learnt in life in terns of Laycon:”Never judge a book by its cover.”

If we should make a comparison of the two, Kiddwaya has done more not just in terms of content but on maturity, hardworking, competition, discipline and how well to win, treat and keep a woman.

DJ Cuppy and Davido are children of Billionaire fathers but no one is crucifying them. Why should you do that to Kiddwaya and why should his supporters be castigated.

For those condemning the show, change your TV channel or switch to StarTimes or NTA. Its not a force to watch. Their are religious channels on the network, how many gave you even tuned into.

Celebrate with the rich so you will be rich too. Turn your grievances to the appropriate authority. is owned by

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