Life of A Play Girl When Her Home Girls Get Married

In their early 20s, they only date older men because they are more matured and have enough financial stability to pay the bills.

In their late 20s and early 30s when marriage comes knocking, they start looking for their mates because all the older men are married. Rinse. Repeat

And by this time, some of those boys they used to treat with contempt as broke and “not serious” in their early 20s have “made it.”

But those broke boys of yesterday want to enjoy life with some of the young, beautiful, “fresh” girls in their early 20s before settling down.

And that late 20s and early 30s is when they attend the most weddings in their life. Most of their friends,relatives are increasingly getting married.

By the time they experience all the love and mushiness in weddings, they come home and start scrolling through their contacts

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They start remembering some of the boys they rejected some years who seem like they’re okay. They arrange hangouts, dates.

But most of the guys they’d hit up are now proper f**k boys who just want to flex life. So they give you hope, smash you 1-3 times and japa. Heartbreak

And you swallow your L, tell yourself that marriage is not that important,come on social media to talk about how you “love the women I am becoming.”

And then party with home girls,down it with liquor,live the life. And then another wedding invitation for the weekend. Rinse. Repeat You know, a point comes when you’d be the only single person in your squad. All your home girls are now married. And they’re are too invested in their marriage that they don’t have as much time as before.

They have a husband, kids to love and care for. You’re no longer top priority At this point, you are exhausted from going on dates, getting to know different guys, sharing your body and bed with different men who only want you for the sex

And you transfer the bitterness from all these disappointment to men on social media aka join the “men are scum” squad Anyway, this is a cycle we are all too familiar with. Some people get caught up in this loop as a consequence for playing the great game of life.

Keep taking those L for now. The lord that did it for your home girls will do it for you too. This life na turn by turn Anyway, I won’t end this trend without recommending you follow @avalondaily , my favourite platform for elaborate, expansive, in-depth analysis of sociopolitical trends in the country. I have a deeper understanding of social/Political issues in Nigeria reading from them.

This article is written by Kelvin Odanz

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