How I Developed A Rechargeable Ceiling Lamp – Hope Oyawiri

My name is Hope Avwerosuo Oyawiri.@hopnosis I graduated from the University of Benin Edo State Nigeria from the department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering.

I would say i was born an engineer. I can remember as old as 5years i would damage a lot of equipment and i received a lot of beatings for that. When my parents ask why i did what i did, i would say our neighbours have generators and only us were in the dark so i was making attempts to set up a gen. They nicknamed me ‘destroyer but that was not for long as it changed to ‘engineer’. I got a book from an uncle and it led to my first engineering construction. I made an electric lamp and that was my primary 4. Then i made a water gun with materials i got around. It attracted lots of people who were amazed at my innovations but the big one was yet to come.

One day i made a car designed from wood and papers. My mum asked me when she saw me dragging the car along why wouldn’t it be self driven. I took on the challenge with my idea on electric motors to get the car self driven. Instead of wood i used floaters obtained from inside electronic packs. I took it to a friend who made the floaters available and excitedly he invited lots of people to come see the wonders. I looked like a celebrity with a growing fan base.

One question they kept asking was how i came to have the knowledge? Then the belief that was common was that the white man’s inventions was from witchcraft and so where was mine from? I still can’t tell but certainly not from witchcraft. As at my primary school i already had a wide knowledge of electronic circuits and an idea of magnets and coils and the principles. So that when we were being taught resistors and capacitors in series and parallel during IntroTech class in Junior secondary 1, i already had a practical knowledge while my classmates struggled to even have a visual understanding of the components.

At the University i took advantage of every opportunity to improve myself. I developed a rechargeable ceiling lamp with LEDs and battery and it looks beautify and i have been making sone cash replicating for others.

While most of my classmates interned for companies that would pay them during the compulsory months Student Industrial Training i opted for internship with one of my lecturers without pay but used the privilege it offered to equip myself in programming specifically in C language and engineering tools like MATLAB and Simulink. And i am an expert at programming microcomputer.

I am hoping to be mobilized for the NYSC any time soon but all the skills i acquired is helpful as i make good cash working as a consultant in Electrical/Electronic Engineering projects design and Construction.

I am happy with my progress despite the difficult times youths face in yhe country but i am confident things will be well and i hope to be among the top 100 innovators in the world.

I would like to advise other youths to shun crime and equip themselves with skills that would someday be a deciding factor of their survival.

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